Great LV over the phone shopping experience...

  1. so i posted not too long ago about a terrible in person shopping experience at hte yorkdale holts location. so now, i've found my HG SA's, Mikka at the 1866# is awsome!!! she will go through any length to locate the bag you want, and Louis at the seattle boutique ( he is actually the shoe dept. manager) is super awsome as well. So, now I have 3 items, possibly 4 coming my way. I will post pix after they arrive, but it will take a couple months.
  2. Good for you! It is nice to have 1 SA, you have 2!
  3. You're lucky, it depends sometimes....
    I've had totally clueless SAs on the 1-866 #
    One was extrememly rude to me when I wanted the accordeon chain...
  4. sorry to hear about your bad experience, it really sucks when you get all excited about a bag and only ot have some stupid sa ruin it for time you call the 866 number you can ask specifically for mikka. she is awsome! good luck
  5. glad to hear that you found an SA who you will love shopping with! :smile:
  6. You're lucky to have such nice SA.
    SA here are not usually not very good.:sad:
  7. oh trust me, i've had my share of dealing w/ bad sa's, the most recent one i dealt with at yorkdale was terrible! terrible beyond words!