Great LV Deals/ Finds

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  1. I will stick this for now and later Vlad will create our own Shopping section just like the other forums have.
  2. great thread gang!!!!! ohhh nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. louis vuitton framboise zippy wallet authentic $675

    Item number: 200044238612
  4. wow, great idea! i'll keep watching this thread for more great deals :yahoo:
  5. :nuts: This is awesome! Thanks!

    Lilac Epi Pochette BIN GPB 135.00 (Approx. $250 USD)

    Can't find this colour ANYWHERE on eBay! Somebody get it!!

    eBay: AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON LILAC EPI POCHETTE (item 150056724147 end time Nov-18-06 13:50:52 PST)

    Monogram Trouville BIN $499 or Best offer! Not a bad deal for a bag in this condition!

    eBay: AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON MONOGRAM TROUVILLE EXC (item 330048216474 end time Nov-15-06 20:30:39 PST)

    Cherry Blossom Satin Flats size 9!!! BIN $320!! These are my size and I would LOVE these but no more LV for me and I would never actually have the guts to wear these!!

    eBay: LOUIS VUITTON CHERRY BLOSSOM BALLET FLATS SHOES 39 9 (item 290048828456 end time Nov-15-06 23:30:25 PST)
  6. this thread is gonna be sooooooo bad for the pocket ): but i love it (: haha
  7. ooohhh.... No more purse ban threads.
  8. awesome thread - cuts down the search time on ebay! Yes - very bad for the wallet...;)
  9. great finds! good job ladies :yes:
  10. what a great thread!
  11. I'm scared of this thread. It's going to be way too tempting.I have to admit that it is a good idea though
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.