Great Legs Not Included......

  1. Well, I just received my Burgundy Ring bag and matching wallet:choochoo: and it is TDF:yahoo: I think this bag is Amazing and the wallet is one I have been lusting after since it was released. (Half price always makes it easier to purchase:yes:)

    Anyway, the bag is fantastic, but I hate to say, the great legs we see when Samantha wears her JC bags don't seem to appear when I try on my JC bags:crybaby: Oh well, guess I am stuck with short, stumpy legs and a closet full of Choos:graucho:
    013.JPG 017.JPG 015.JPG 021.JPG 016.JPG
  2. :nuts::nuts::tup::nuts::heart::drool:

  3. C'mon, modeling pics!!!!
  4. wow great bag!!:nuts:
  5. Your cat is beautiful :smile:
  6. Is Samantha a Sex and the City reference? I have to finish that series...Great bag and wallet, congratulations!
  7. Yeaah Robyn :yahoo:. Congratulations! I think I know exactly how you feel about your new beautiful Ring bag;). Great choice and awsome deals. Love the matching wallet.

    BTW, I don't believe it is the size of the legs but the way you work them:tup:
  8. Such a pretty bag & don't be silly about your legs! My legs aren't "Samantha" Perfect either!

    That's why I own pants & long skirts!:roflmfao:

    Congrats on the bag! So pretty!:tup:
  9. GORGEOUS bag!!
  10. Nice bag! Congrats, the price is right!
  11. No, I never saw that series:crybaby: I was referring to our fellow Pfr "Samantha's Collection" Just check out the JC members bags and you will see how well Samantha wears JC bags:smile:

    Thank you all, even DH thinks the Ring bag & wallet are spectacular:nuts: (for a purse)
  12. ITA:roflmfao::roflmfao:
    Thank you:heart:
  13. Ahh...just saw the pictures of Samantha, am a little jealous too :p.
  14. Robyn - congrats on another great Jimmy Choo bag!
  15. ^^^Lol, you crack me up Samantha. :rolleyes:

    Congrats on another great Choo, Robyn!