great leather -- new F/W 07 black day

  1. Oh I am so happy, just got a new F/W 07 RH black day and the leather is just the best. Possibly even better than my plomb city, and she's got great leather. Thick, buttery, not at all dry, a little distressed, just perfect. OK, I'm a newbie and I've not handled 05 or 04 leather but I'm pretty happy with this.

    This is my first day, I think I will like her. Will post pics when I get the chance, my three girls are still on holiday so I won't have any peace and quiet until the end of next week.;)
  2. o7 produced alot of really, really great quality bags :yes:

    i've never touched an o4 or o5 either, but i'm a little scared to lol, i'm worried it might be even better than my o7's and then i'll be tainted!!!
  3. oooh~ can't wait til you post some pics! CONGRATS on your 07 black day:tup: I have an 04 and an 05 first-VERY soft, smooth leather-but take in consideration, they are 2-3yrs old compared to 07...just imagine what your 07 will be in a few years~~
  4. Congrats! I *love* 07 leather! So thick IMHO. Can't wait to see some gorgeous buttery pics ;)
  5. I agree, my 07 bags have the thickest leather of all my bags!! 07 really was a GREAT year for leathers. I totally agree with the predictions that 07 will be the next 05. Your black day sounds wonderful drati- can't wait to see her!!
  6. yay for you! congrats on a black bbag! please comment more later! :yes:
  7. I have an O7 black Day as well and the leather is superb! It's not smooshy like that on my Sapin Day (but then again, there was something magical about the leather on Sapin bgs). Actually, this is my second black Day. The first was quite distressed but in round two, the leather is sooooooooooooo dark and smooth!

    I'm so glad you like yours!
  8. I'm staying up late and had a chance to finger my new day a bit more and I owe an apology to the plomb. She's still got the best leather, I think (but then she's been used for a few months, the day is brand new).

    The Day style will take a bit of getting used to, so different from the city. I love all that leather though and can see that with wear she will get so much better even.
  9. yay! cant wait to see your mod pics!
  10. Congrats! Looking forward to the pics!
  11. Can't wait to see your modeling pics! :tup: