Great job Vlad!!!

  1. I just wanted to say how awesome tPF looks with the updates!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Great going! Thank you for all you do to keep this board so wonderful Vlad, Megs, and all :flowers:
  2. I second that! The forum looks better and better everytime I logged in.

    Thanks to Vlad, Megs, and all of our wonderful moderators!
  3. I agree! It looks great!
  4. Wow, great facelift of TPF! I do have to say I'm not a fan of the red colored font's a bit hard to read. But besides this, what an improvement! Cheers!
  5. love it!!!
  6. Great job Vlad! It looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I love the new look!
  8. Glad you all like it. For those who don't like the changes, we will make the option available to switch to the old skin, too.

    This one will be tPF's default skin, though!
  9. OMG, what a total change..! I thought I've logged on to another forum! Lol... :p
  10. i love it. when i clicked in this morning i almost thought i came to the wrong forum. lol.

    the old layout was gettin boring.

    this is very refreshing!

    thank you!!!
  11. pretty, but a bit hard to read. i did like how the sticky topics were separate from the other threads, and now they are in the same section (ie. Marc Jacobs forum).
  12. I love it!! I love the color scheme and I love how the purses are on the side. I love it all! Thank you!
  13. OMG - I LOVE IT!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    it looks awesome Vlad!!!
  14. I love the new logo and pink colour scheme :yahoo:
  15. woohooo! I love it! Good job Vlad!