great jeans deal!!!

  1. I went shopping today for a new pair of jeans. I wanted a new pair of Citizens. I ended up finding a great deal. 2 brand new pairs of Citizens for $40 dollars each. and a pair of Antik jeans for 20 :yahoo:. I am a happy camper.
  2. Only $40?? Lucky you! What store did you go to?
  3. Platos in Madison WI
  4. OMG! That's great!
  5. be careful, i hear platos closet sometimes sells fakes.
  6. I own other pairs of of citizens that i bought from Bop. and these are up to the standards. So i believe they are authentic
  7. OMG lucky you. what a score, congrats.
  8. Yup - their salespeople aren't really trained to detect fakes, so fakes can easily get mixed in with real ones. But if they match up with the real COHs you have at home, then great deal!