Great Int'l Transaction on Ebay

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  1. Just wanted to share a *good* ebay experience.

    I had a buyer with no feedback from another country who wanted me to ship to a friend here in the US....I know, I know, lots of red flags, and I tried to back out of the sale. However, after extensive communication with the buyer, I felt comfortable enough to complete the transaction. It went perfectly. I realize it's up to the individual seller and the amount of risk they want to assume, but I honestly feel that each transaction should be judged on an individual basis. COMMUNICATION IS KEY! That's why my auctions now say that I *may* engage in international transactions, it just depends on my comfort level with a specific buyer. There are alot of great international buyers out there who I'm sure would appreciate this courtesy. :yes:
    Just wanted to share a positive experience, as they do happen!
  2. Thank YOU! Everytime I try to buy something from a US seller (I am from Asia), I always feel 'degraded' you know. They tend to treat the international buyers like we are all scammers and when I ask politely if the seller is willing to help send the bag as a gift/ used item to me, most of them dont even bother replying the messages although on the auction it says WORLDWIDE? I have PERFECT feedback and most of the sellers whom i have bought from became friends with me after. And its s shame that the sellers dont know that I have the buying power :sad: I am not flithy rich but if I ask a question and the seller reply me nicely, I usually buy rightaway. Its a shame that many sellers dont believe in international buyers.... :sad:
  3. that's probably because you are asking yhem to commit a crime.
  4. Help me out here... if the bag is an used bag, they cant send it as an used item to the buyer? I thought that if the bag is brand new with tags and buyer requests for the bag to be sent as gift, then that is a crime, no? Am I getting the wrong info?
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    Oh please! I have bought 400+ items from the States, and never had a problem with that question. I am from Sweden, and I always ask in a very polite manner, and nobody is treating me as if I´m asking them to comitt a crime!

    And yes, hgnolte..there are some wonderful international buyers out there (I´m one of them,LOL). I am glad you got to experience it!!!

  6. I also used to be an international buyer and I would see listings which stated 'don't ask me to lie on customs forms' all the time. If you buy from a secondhand purse shop in your home country you have to pay sales tax. This is no different.
  7. FWIW - I always paid on time (usually immediately), with paypal, always left descriptive feedback and on time, I would be very understanding of anyone that didn't want to ship to my unconfirmed address and I never dreamed of asking to return anything. Yes there are great int'l ebayers out there, and you don't have to commit a federal offense to sell to them.
  8. The main thing is that the seller must take the steps to protect themselves...I have had a few great international transactions, and they often are repeat....
    communication is impt and to feel comfortable in the transaction.
  9. ITA with you kat ! i have NEVER been refused when i've asked sellers to ship as a gift and undervalue, in fact they've always been accomodating and friendly. i have never refused to do the same as a seller either.
    yes, maybe it is a teeny weeny little white lie, but come on , people purlease ! there are bigger crimes ! i don't think anyone will be hunted down and jailed for it !
  10. The guy doing 40 in a 25 zone thinks it's just a little thing. Until he knocks down your kid because he was going too fast to brake in time. Then how big of a deal is it?
    Personally I was raised to have respect for all laws, no matter how 'silly' they may seem. A lot of people are avoiding literally thousands in taxes this way. Taxes that could be going towards yours or my child's educations.
  11. um, i think a speeding offence is a little different somehow.
  12. Good for you!!
    I have had over 30 international transactions and all have gone without a hitch! Some have even been zero feedback buyers.
    As you mentioned, communication is key!
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    I always make sure to tell the seller that should anything happen with the item it is of course my responsability since I am the one asking for the lowered value. I am a woman who stands by her word, and should anything happen (has not yet) I would NOT ask for a refund of the full amount but for the value stated on the package:yes:. I understand that most people are not like this but I am...and I believe in honesty.. Karma will come back..sooner or later!

    Being in Sweden it makes a huge difference what the seller values the item at.....we pay about 40% + fees:cursing: which would make a used item cost more than retail should the full value be disclosed:sad:. I hope this makes things a little bit more understanding:smile:

  14. Who on earth would get killed because of a lowered value:confused1: Some how I really don´t think that you likening low value on a package to running over a kid bares any bit of resemblence JMHO.
  15. Sweden is one of the countries with the highest taxes in the world, so I assure you that my hard earned wages have a huge amount taken out in tax every month, and I pay for loads of peoples education, care, medicin etc. and 40% customs is steep, even you have to admitt that:smile: