Great interview with Emma Hill re s/s 2011

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  1. Really good interview, and omg I really want my hair coloured red now like the catwalk girls :biggrin:

    it tells us about Tilly which is another fab new bag, chain strap but more structured a literal cross between Alexa and Bays ! :nuts: Well worth a watch :smile:
  2. :sweatdrop: A creative director on speed... She's cute and all, but I think she was a little all over the place - just like the little Tilly. Fun video to watch though!
  3. I watched it with OH in the same room. He was saying "what the h*** was that". Ha ha. Emma Hill sound like a lot of fun!! And a bit energetic. :biggrin:

    Thanks for the link CB ;)
  4. Thanks Chloe for the link.

    So the Tilly is the lovechild of the Alexa and the Bayswater with trompe-l'oeil buckles etc. Just a tad too much Emma - especially the one with the chain strap too.

    The updated Alexa - tiger, leopard and snake all in one bag. That goes beyond a love-child into the realms of genetic mutation. But...I will probably want it.

    As for her outfit - love the boots. Won't comment beyond that!
  5. I really don't like the printed buckles on the Tilly hope they make a version without those
  6. Fun video to watch, thanks for the link CB. Emma Hill feels a bit more human now, somehow. And a bit hyper :P. Love the boots she was wearing, those boots in blue :love:.
    Not sure about the bags yet, will be interesting to see what they really are like, not just the catwalk versions.
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    Many thanks Chloe-B, never heard how she speaks, reminded me a bit of Dawn French - funny that model girl didn't even say a word!

    I really like clutches they were talking about, esp. the one with rivets all over.... somehow I feel Clutches are more expensive since I don't have enough occasion to use it, however this one calls me!!
  8. Nice interview, thanks for the link :smile:. im not a huge fan of the tilly though the metal thingy in the middle just looks off, like I'm supposed to hang my keys on it or something??
  9. Yep, she was certainly hyped up lol - shall we blame it on too much Redbull lol ;)!

    Really tempted by the dumb models hair tho !! :biggrin: and yep, those postman lock boots, I want them more and more !

  10. You do not need to have your hair coloured red, we just need to look out for the wiggies to pop up on evilbay!! I can spot anything that is not attached to the head at a million paces away!! :graucho:
  11. ^ ooh do you think hers was a wiggie Ondrea? might be cool to try one and see if the colour looks good ;) !
  12. I wondered who she sounded like for ages - ratrat you got it definitely Dawn French. I have to say I detested the tillie but loved the boots (not it that colour though).
  13. Thanku for the link CB, made for a good link x
  14. great video but emmas a bit all over the place? great bags!
  15. Great post CB! Emma is definitely excited! Although i get excited when i think of mulberry too!