Great in-store experience yesterday

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  1. This weekend, I took out my DE speedy 30 that I purchased in 2014 and noticed many many cracks in the canvas that ran adjacent to the zipper. This was the case on both side. Not to sound materialistic, but I was pretty heartbroken because this was my first LV purchase for for myself and the bag held sentimental value for me. I also read that LV does not repair cracks in canvas. I honestly thought I was going to be stuck with this 2 year old damaged bag.

    I reluctantly went an LV store anyway- one that I'd previously had a bad experience I might add. The SA Jason look at the bag and asked me when did I purchase it. I told him it was in 2014. He verified the purchase and said 'I'm going to replace the bag... Unless you just want to get something else.' I was speechless. He was very kind and patient as I viewed other bags. I ultimately decided on a DE speedy 35 and paid the difference.

    Anyway, I just wanted to post this because I think this is why most of us invest our hard earned money in these luxury brands. I myself realize that every material thing will not always be perfect. However, customer service goes a lllooooooonnnggg way with me. I was willing to give up on the brand if I could only expect my bags to last around 2 years or so, but this experience made me want to spend some more money in the store asap. Lol

    PS- I'll post a photo of the original bag but you can't really see the cracks as much as they very visible in person. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467052192.806397.jpg
  2. omigosh how lucky they replaced the bag for you, congratulations!

    Do you know why those cracks happened in the first place? Was it stored or were you using it? I'm just trying to prevent this happening to any of my bags, enjoy your new Speedy! :speedy:
  3. That's what I call customer service :biggrin: Thanks for sharing, it's always nice to read something positive. It would also interest me to know if your bag was stored or being used, I would be very upset if this happened to my bag because I know they can't/won't fix it.

    Enjoy your new Speedy!!
  4. That's awesome! That is what you call great customer service!
  5. Wow! That's great news! I :heart: happy endings! To be quite honest with you, I felt horrible when I saw the photo. I really didn't think the outcome was going to be good after reading all sorts of horror stories about LV's customer service. Glad it worked out.:yes:
  6. Not sure why this happened. When I first noticed it- I couldn't sleep that night for beating myself up thinking it was something I did. But as I thought about it more I just think it was just something defective with that particular bag that just took a little while to fully develop. I don't baby my bags, but I'm certainly not hard on them either. I just follow the basic use and storage recommendations that they tell you at LV and what is shared here on TPF: hope this helps!
  7. Glad to hear a happy ending story. Enjoy your new Speedy
  8. Sorry, it must feel awful to discover something like this and I'm sure it wasn't anything that you did. Just recently someone posted about a pre-owned bag that had the same kind of cracks on the canvas by the zipper.
    Who knows why this happens, maybe they had a batch of bags doing this or maybe it's just an unfortunate fluke, I just hope it doesn't happen to any of my bags. The important thing is that LV stood behind their product and took care of you :tup: thanks for responding and congrats again on your new Speedy!
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  9. I'm glad you had a great experience. Excellent customer service!
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  10. Love it when things just go right!!!
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  11. I love happy endings. Thank you for sharing this positive experience. So many times we see/share/read only the bad...this is wonderful. Enjoy your new bag!
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  12. Was it Jason at the Galleria Dallas?
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  13. So happy you shared that LV came through for you, and kudos to the SA for the wonderful treatment. Enjoy your new Speedy!
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  14. Jason at NorthPark
  15. Oh yes...Jason at North Park is awesome! He helped me with a recent purchase of my Delightful GM and I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
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