Great ideas for the scarfs lovers

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  1. she is very adorable and has given me a few ideas on what to do with all of my scarves!

    Thanks for the link :flowers:
  2. Oh my! She's too cute. Thanks for posting. Now I have better ideas on how to wear some of my scarves I've collected over the years.
  3. After seeing her I just started digging for my scarves and getting excited:yahoo:about playing with them !!!! I'm glad that you guys feel the same
  4. Thanks for posting this! I have some new ideas now when it comes to wearing scarves...that is whenever it actually feels like turning to autumn/winter weather here in TX.
  5. Those ideas are amazing. Thanks for posting!
  6. LOVE this!
  7. I need to invest in a large silk scarf now...
  8. Thank you!!:flowers:Love this!!:tup:
  9. wow, thanks for posting!!
  10. Thanks for posting! I love wearing scarves, and she makes it look so easy!
  11. thanks for sharing! i just got a new scarf and needed ideas!
  12. Gorgeous etro scarf!!! *Looks in the net for etro scarfs with a vengeance!*

    How great the stylist is! She makes me smile! et voilà! lol

    Thanks for the vids!:smile:
  13. THANKS...can't wait to try!!!
  14. These are great ideas! I have so many scarves I never wear---now I have ideas to use!