great idea!!

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  1. Luxe Link

    does anyone have one of these? I'm not sure how much they are...haven't gotten that far...but I think someone had a thread on this - where do you put your bag in a restaurant? I think I've got to get one of these!
  2. That thing is great!
  3. Great Idea but pricy!
  4. I have something similar. You can actually by them at the container store if you don't want a fancy one. I think these are a must for any designer purse owner!
  5. Hmm interesting. Right now, my purse gets its own chair when I'm out dining. :smile:
  6. ^ mine too
  7. This is fantastic, thanks for posting!
  8. I think it's a neat idea in theory but I think it would be way too easy for a thief to grab your purse and run. If my purse has a shoulder strap I hang it on my knee under the table. If not, I rest it on my lap or put it on a chair.
  9. I have seen these before, I haven't purchased one my self yet. I do think they are a fabalous idea I may have to look into it again!
  10. Mine too!!
  11. Same here. If there's no chair and it doesn't have a shoulder strap, I balance it on my two feet. Not that uncomfortable really.
  12. you wouldn't have to hang it on the other side of the table, you could put it right next to you...I think it'd be easier to grab something out of a chair than unhook it from one of these and run...
  13. Mine get their own chair in resturants an in class....and if someone asks to sit there I say 'oh I am so sorry but my bag is sitting there already'

  14. :wlae: :graucho: :wlae:

    hahaa, I love it!
  15. well its not always practical for a bag to have its own I hang mine right next to me on the table....I think its safer than on the back of my chair because I actually have it in my sight at all times... and less likely to get dirty than if its on my lap, feet, etc.