Great idea Kou - pix of pets with Hermes!!

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  1. Kou, I love your idea!! Let's start a thread about pets with Hermes!!

    Here is PC (19 year old American shorthair cat) on an Hemres cashmere blanket. PC just loves Hermes cashmere (so much so, it is hard to keep her away from DH's cashmere coat!).

    Who's next?

    ETA: UGH - I need to figure out how to resize the photo and then I'll try again!
  2. For some odd reasons I'm not seeing the picture. Awww ... kitty who likes Hermes blanket!! That sounds like my pup, he likes anything high quality and soft:flowers:
  3. Trying again.... Well, I can't get the pic of PC with the cashmere blanket to fit, but here is a pic of PC on her favorite perch!
  4. Sue if you want you can send the pic to me and I will fit it for you.
  5. OK....somewhere I know I have a shot of Leo, my Tonk, inside my Armoire snuggling a few orange boxes....gotta find that one...
  6. So cute!!! She sits there so gracefully too.:smile:
  7. That sounds so adorable, please find it soon!
  8. Thanks to the lovely Hello2703, here is PC on her favorite Hermes cashmere blanket!! Thanks a million for your patience, Hello!!
    ninja sue kitty cat.JPG
  9. OHH! So cute!!
  10. Here's a pic of my poms, Molly and Maggie, standing guard over Kelly!
  11. Great pics Sue and Kat!!

    I wish I can take a photo of my cats or dog with one of my H, but I dont think my babies can sit still like Kat's dogs did.

    Keep 'em coming..
  12. I love this cat! I think cats and Hermes really go together! :flowers:

    Wouldn't it be fun to share photos of our pets and our Hermes bags? :flowers:
  13. I've got to find a pic of my cat - it is exactlt the same as TT's!!! I thought it was my cat with my combo Barenia Birkin whem I saw her avatar.....until I remembered I don't HAVE a combo Barenia Birkin....................boohoo!
  14. I gotta get some nice fuchsia ostriches and crocs before I can take pictures of them with my puppy ... Pomeranians go really well with Hermes and Faberge.