Great husbands/fiancees/significant others and Coach

  1. I read so many posts on this forum that contain the words "my husband/fiancee/SO surprised me with/bought me/is buying me..."!! Its so nice to read that tPfers have such nice men in their lives! Im sure we do our fair share to support their various hobbies, but its great to read the nice posts, rather than the man-bashing that sometimes happens, isnt it? :tup:
  2. Yup, it is nice to read such nice stories!!!!
  3. I just like to know that there are nice guys out there besides my boyfriend. It seems like so many people that i'm around are always COMPLAINING about their SO's and it makes me so upset. I'm glad my fellow TPFers have found awesome guys (or girls!). :yes:
  4. Yes we have been blessed with men in our life that encourage or addiction rather than complain about it.
  5. amen sister!!! :yes:
  6. It is indeed! I guess they figure, " If you can't beat em, Join em!" hahah

    What I love even more, are all the stories of our lovely men pointing out fake coaches or "goaches", etc..My boy always gets so proud of himself when he points out a fake bag to me or when he points out a woman with a bag that I have. :smile:
  7. Totally agree! My DH is such a great man he's my enabler :yes::p.
  8. LOL! Just cause he ocassionally lets me pick out something as a gift dosent mean he likes it and believe me he lets me know it!
  9. My husband rolls his eyes when I buy a new handbag but he has NEVER say NO to me. That's why I keep it under $1K a month....just KIDDING!

  10. Ditto! I get the eye roll! :rolleyes:He is great though!
  11. Here's something funny my husband said a few months ago...

    He came home and said "Honey, I can't go shopping for handbags with you anymore."

    "Why not?!?" i said.

    "Because while i was at the metro (subway) i could tell that this one was wearing a COACH, she has a GUCCI, there's LV, and tell when it's a fake-- it's just not natural!"

    He's an Oklahoma boy, and i'm a city girl, so there you have it! :p
  12. ^^ That's funny!! My DH is a good sport and tries to play along and get excited for me. Bless his soul...I just can't get that excited for his hunting gear! But I doubt he'd ever get to the point where he'd pick something out for me.
  13. My DH is really sweet about my liking handbags; he doesn't 'get it' but he plays along and is a good sport when I tell him something about a new line, etc. I try to reciprocate when he tells me about the infinite differences between different fishing lures...
  14. My husband collects guitars and cars (recently purchased his first classic car, not to be his last I'm sure!!), so my handbag addiction pales in comparison to his stuff, pricewise anyway! But he's great about getting me what I want, and I do appreciate it. I think he actually likes going into the stores because the SAs are so helpful to men shopping for their women! He only will shop for me at Nordstrom for the same reason - he's big on great customer service, especially when he is dressed in Levis and a Grateful Dead T-shirt!
  15. Thanks for giving our MEN their much deserved credit. They are very understanding and supportive!:yahoo: