Great Hobo Bags (Pics)

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  1. I just love Marc Jacobs :love:
  2. me the mj leather hobo!
  3. Some classy bags there - way over my budget though!

    Some less pricey hobos:

    Tano Sexbomb Crunch - price??

    Luce Butter Soft Flap Over Hobo - $100-80 now

    Lumiani Handbags 124-3 - $138-95 till 31/3 on zappos

    Pietro Alessandro Metallic Slouch with Rhinestone Buckle - $142-20 now
  4. I am really liking the Tano bags lately. I haven't seen them IRL but I think they look so nice!!!
  5. Marc Jacobs
  6. Celine
  7. I love the nupuck and robe hobo
  8. Marc Jacobs Leather Hobo looks nice. Didn't like the bigger version IRL though.
  9. I love the MJ leather hobo! The white with the gold hardware is so pretty!