Great Hairstylist for Men in LA/OC?

  1. My SO, and I just moved back up to LA, and he's having trouble finding a good hairstylist. He can't go to mine because for some reason my stylist specializes in long hair.
    He's been to 2 or three and all were not that very good.

    He's looking for someone that is good with medium lenght hair (shag, etc.) wavy blonde hair.

    Anyone have any recommendations? Or have a bf/SO/DH who has nice hair and could recommend a stylist?

  2. :sad: I guess no one has any recommendations. Then again, I guess most men just go to whoever is down the street and don't care as much as my bf does about his hair.:shrugs:
  3. You should try asking your stylist if he/she can recommend someone.