GREAT hair salon in San diego??

  1. HELP!!!! I need highlights terribly and a trim...scared to death to go to someone I have not been highly referred to. I could wait until I get home in 2 weeks but I really wanted to look wonderful upon arrival! ANYONE now a upscale place??? Im really afraid to just walk in a place sight un seen.

    Many thanks.

    P.S....hopefully not toooooo far from La jolla.
  2. I should add I have an appt at Robert Cromeans next week however it is a Paul Mitchell salon and Im just not familiar with the products as such. Meaning do they use bleach in the highlighting process??? My salon uses Loreal professionel...(not the over the counter stuff) and I love how it makes my hair feel...maybe Im stressing too much. Im sure it will be fine. (I have pms!!!) Plus my hair is longish and I really only want a trim...I hope they do not chop it! (its $240 for a HC so it should look fab right!!!)
  3. Sunshine, it depends on the highlights you are looking for. Yes, lightener(bleach) could be used in the process, but there are other highlighting options that would not require using lightener as well. The Paul Mitchell lightener is unbelievably gentle--it will literally NOT feel like you have had a major chemical process afterward. In other words, your hair will not feel like straw!

    Also, Paul Mitchell The Color is FABULOUS!!! It is a beeswax based color line that will leave your hair feeling better than it did before. I won't go into all of the technicalities of the color, but PM was the first manufacturer to introduce a color line that is truly a scalp to ends line. That means you will not run the risk of having "hot roots" or darker ends--you get the same lovely color from your scalp to your ends!

    In case you were wondering where I get my info, I'm a salon consultant for John Paul Mitchell Systems. I am very familiar with the Robert Cromeans team and they are awesome! I am very confident your experience will be wonderful. If you have any other particular questions, feel free to PM me!