great! great! *long post for all newbies*

  1. i know that all of tpfers are so nice and helpful, which is one reason why i love this forum sooo... much (at the expense of my ever increasing INsensitivity on bag price and my groaning bank account).

    well, last night i happen to stumble to one small consignment store's website in my city which sell pre-loved handbag. of course, am curious about the authenticity of a wide array of bag brands that I know nothing about. so i posted all my silly questions here.

    tpfers, not only all of you are so so so extremely knowledgeable and sharp eyed (am still amazed!!!!!), i also found your response to be so... encouraging. the greatest thing is that I received the wonderful and warm response across the board (i posted in no less than 5 forums!!!!), and ALL answers are very nice, helpful, honest and GREAT!! now i know what to look for in *among others* chanel's hologram, tod's zipper, ysl key pouch and many great details that i could never know by myself.

    so, yah, :tpfrox:
  2. they say, knowledge is power and this Forum has lots of it!
    Thanks for such a lovely note.....continue to enjoy the Forum.