...great gift idea

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  1. This was a pretty popular gift idea at a good price point. (good price point for Chanel at least)

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  2. I LOVE it!!! I have been thinking about looking for a CHANEL umbrella. I need to check w/ my SA @ Bloomies and see if they have them. Then I can use my reward points to get it. Thanks for the post! Merry Christmas~~~
  3. Love it!!!:heart:
  4. How much is it?
  5. I have a similar umbrella... (check the Accessories Resource Thread) and I have to worn you, it's a touch heavier than most collapsable umbrellas. I tend to keep my lightweight, collapsable umbrella in my purse when I think it might rain and leave this one at home. It's a great umbrella though! I love mine.
  6. Cute umbrella!!Loves it!!!
    Someone email PHH the pic and tell him to buy me one..ROFL...yeah right..LOL!
  7. $495
  8. I lose umbrellas!
  9. very nice!
  10. i like it!
  11. I saw this a month ago in an ad, I love it- unfortunately only none left in London.. -
  12. Love it!
  13. how cute is that handle! but i lose my umbrellas and to lose a 495 one would kill me!
  14. $495 for an umbrella??? LOL!!!
  15. nice gift