Great gift idea! Turning a photo into ART!!!

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  1. For father's day this year, I took a picture of my son and had it made into pop art. Seriously, it turned out better than I imagined and it was totally reasonable $$$ wise!

    Here is the website: THere are tons of samples on the website to get ideas from.

    I did the single panel pop, and now I want to do others using pics from our wedding and other sentimental photos (where they handpaint part of it etc.) The staff there were incredibly nice and professional. They really made the whole experience enjoyable!

    Just thought I would share!:flowers:

    And no, I have no affiliation with this company, just a happy customer!
  2. Oh Jag..this is so neat!! I am going to find a picture that I can do this to and give it as gift!!!
  3. Fantastic! You will love it! It really turns out better than you can imagine!
  4. oh thats really cool! for my grandmother's birthday we had a pic of her and my grandfather turned into an oil painting it came out really well too i love stuff like that
  5. I love doing stuff like that to my photos in photo shop. That's great!
  6. This is so...neat....what a great idea for a girt...or for myself (of my kids)!
  7. That is really really cool. My cousin is an amazing artist and does some killer charcoal pictures and said she will do some for me. I love that though!
  8. Thanks for sharing. I love it! Another idea as a gift.
  9. I LOVE STUFF LIKE THIS!!!!!!! i like really unique gifts think they are soo much better than nrmal stuff. more personal
  10. I completely agree!!!!
  11. I agree with you! :yes: I should try it out for my mom's b-day!

  12. Thanks for that Web site. A lady I know had one of those four-block pics of one of her dogs, and I thought it was so neat. I didn't know where to get something like that, though.
  13. Thanks Jag - I was looking for something like this.
  14. Yeh its not that hard to doin photoshop.
  15. Brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing.