Great finds?

  1. Anyone made any great finds/purchases?

    For example, got the Cambon at an unbelievable 60% off or more last year, great deal on eBay. . .
    What's your best find?
  2. It would have to be my Cambon flap bag. I took advantage of that Cambon sale.
  3. I think I got a great deal on my jumbo flap bag...:yes:
  4. tell me more!
  5. I got a pretty sweet deal on a white caviar "Charlotte" bag a few months ago...
  6. :P what kind of deals are we talkin' about!
  7. The kind that are soooo good, I can't even talk about them!!;)
  8. ^lol!
  9. Aww..Come on share the details!!
  10. By the way I haven't found a great deal:sad:
  11. I never find great deals!!! Especially with Chanel!:true:
  12. ^agree with imgg. i just WISH i could find some deals.
  13. I got my large Mocha Cerf tote at 40% plus another 25%. My SA to this day thinks it was an incorrect mark down (he thinks it was included as part of the Cambon totes that were on sale). I was pretty thrilled. :smile:
  14. earlier this summer i got a chanel cambon pink/black bowler for approx 350-375 marked down from 1375$. Also had gotten my black lux bowler for 1200 when retail was over 2200$ (eBay deal). Guy who sold it to me worked for some major entertainment company in los angeles and was given the bag as a gift....100% auth and came with tags in near brand new condition..i was a happy camper.
  15. How do you get these deals?
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