Great find, so Happy with my 2nd Bbag.

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  1. Hi eveybody, I had bought my 2nd Bbag on 1/16 and I'm so happy with it. Its the Lune on sale at Barney's. I saw it that morning online and called the store right when they opened and i was so excited when the SA told me they had one available I placed it on hold and picked it up right after work. Im glad I went because when I saw it IRL I was inlove. Pics to follow. Thanks everybody for reading and letting me share my good news.
  2. Never see enough of the Lune bags... please post pics. :yes:
  3. yes once i get home i'll be posting pics.
  4. Congrats xo_xo!!! Wating for pics!!!:graucho:
  5. Oooh! Congrats! Classy choice! What color did you get?
  6. Here it is :yahoo:[​IMG]
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Last One :heart: [​IMG]
  9. Gorgeous bag! I love it in the large and small! I first fell for it when I saw Gwenyth Paltrow's!

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  10. Thanks Sep, I was so glad I checked it out at the store and I love the color of Gwenyth's bag!
  11. I :heart: the black and would probably wear it the longest! I also saw a cream/cognac 2 tone version that was gorgeous but looked like it might get dirty easily... I love them all but I think black is the best choice! Congrats again!
  13. Thanks Sep, I love the black the leather is really soft and I tried to look around barney's what other color they had but everything was gone, but the pic dont even give the bag justice its so much better IRL. Antubella and ReResaurus hope you guys enjoy the pics also thanks! :smile: Thanks Fuchsiafirefly.
  14. Black Lune! Beautiful and cool! Can't wait to see modeling pic!
  15. I love it in the all black combo - and great that it was on sale too! :tup: