Great find at Dillards Sale

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  1. My Dillards had a lot of mini & medium skinnies and wristlets 50% off
    -I lucked out and found a silver/violet jewel medium skinny for $21.00!
    (I'll try to post a pic this week)
  2. My Dillards had some great deals on mini skinnys and wristlets also! I was able to get a Gramercy op art wristlet at 50% for 24! Can't wait to see your pictures!
  3. Yeah for sales!!!!!
  4. Check out your Dillards, they did markdowns.. the stuff that was 50% is now 70%.. slim pickings after all the good sales, but you might find some stuff.

    I got these accesories today @ 70% off retail.

    and a Navy Tribeca for $89.40
  5. i was at dillards today and didn't bother to check the coach :sad:
  6. I just returned a small ocelot wallet, pink tartan wristlet, and plum brooke capacity wristlet to Dillards at Triangle Town Center in NC...the brooke wristlet is now 70% off and the others were 50% off...I think...
  7. I walked into Dillards to pay my bill and walked out with a Black leather Audrey for $176.00 gotta love the sales !!!!
  8. ohhh mannn now why don't I have a dillards near me?
  9. You always find the best stuff! :smile: I am going to have to call the Dillard's near me and see if they have anything left tomorrow.
  10. GREAT HAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have three of the mini skinnys - I'm collecting purple ones!! I have 7!!
  11. I went last night out of sheer curiosity....all they had was some siggy stuff 70% off....everything else was fp...and (luckily) nothing I wanted.
  12. I saw a few plum Audreys for $114!!!
  13. What store?! :yahoo:

  14. yea what store dooo tell? :nuts:
  15. i want your plum wallet I got the wristlet when they were 50% off. the plum is so stunning but I found that I like it less in the bags and more in the smaller leather goods.

    congrats on all your stuff!