Great Fake Coach Story... I'm Still Laughing!

  1. Okay, so this didn't happen at my home store; it was another one in a town I was visiting.

    I'm checking out some scarves, and this -- I think she was Russian, by her accent -- woman with a fake signature stripe bag, was talking to an SA. She was irritated by how much the bags cost, and said, (impersonating Russian accent) "I get these cheaper in street market, thees ridiculous" etc etc. You get this a lot when you work at Coach. The SA, very patiently, was trying to explain that they aren't real-- aren't made by Coach, aren't authentic. The woman said then, in a very loud voice, holding up her bag, "thees one, ees real," and the SA shook her head gently and said it wasn't manufactured by Coach.

    By now, the whole store was looking.

    Then, this woman got IRATE. She started screaming, her accent even deeper, mind you-- shrieking-- "EES REAL! EES REAL! YOU LIAR! EES REAL!" and she swung her bag, I mean, hard, by the handles, and slammed it down on the counter by the cash wrap.

    One of the cheap pleather straps broke and her stuff shot out of the bag and went flying EVERYWHERE. I'm talking, lipsticks, tampons, you name it.

    I know, I know, it's not funny that she went so nuts.... but if you were there.... after they got her out of the store.... we were all cracking up.

    And we wonder why stores don't like authenticating bags?

    Just had to share :flowers:
  2. LOL!!!

    I seriously hope this didn't happen in Canada, because I'd hate to have my tax dollars partially go to the funding of this woman's mental xxxxxxxxx treatment.
  3. Lol.

    ees real, ees real. Too funny.
  4. :tup: story
  5. that is too funny!!
  6. :sad: Aw, I think it sounds kinda sad. I guess I'm weird though and feel sorry for people easily. :shrugs:
  7. Yeah, I kinda felt bad for her for a minute, thinking, what if her husband bought it for her and passed it off as real or it was a gift and she's just now finding out it's not?

    But still, to make such a scene--! Maybe you just had to be there. I could see getting that irate if you spent $8k on a Birkin and found out it was fake. I'd be livid. But she made it clear her fakes were much less expensive than the ones in the store.

    Anyway, I had just never seen anyone react like that, and I was like :wtf:
  8. Yeah, I guess I wonder if she maybe had some kind of mental issue or something? Most people just don't act that way, you know? Stuff like that just freaks me out more than anything.
  9. I'm with you...
  10. how sad....... She I obviously had issues... I could never laugh at that....
  11. "I get these cheaper in street market, thees ridiculous"

    For some reason that part made me laugh out loud!

    I know it seems mean to laugh, but I can just picture the whole thing. Seems like it belongs in a movie.
  12. :wtf::roflmfao::s:confused1:
    What emotion should I be feeling?
  13. I think the reality of this story is that this happens all the time. People have such strong feelings about their bags, and most of the time it is the same intensity whether supporting a fake bag, or the real thing!

    Me personally, I would have died laughing!!!
  14. OK, this is funny in a scary sort of way. I'm glad she didn't get violent with anyone.

    I've heard of people acting out or crying when COACH tells them that their bag is not authentic. My heart goes out to them for being ripped off. But perhaps, they should go back to the street vendor or purse party host with their anger...
  15. Oy!! Funny yet sad all at once...