GREAT Ebay win tonight and some help needed......

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  1. Hi all,
    Tonight I won the lovely Legacy Shoulder Flap in Camel.....wanted this color for awhile!! She retails for $528 and I won her tonight for $71 !!!!!
    I am thrilled to say the least!! This bag is in good condition but does have some decent scratches on the very botton (underneath). The inside seems to be pristine. She will fit in beautifully with her, natural and raspberry ALI's, LOL!! When she arrives what can I use to clean, condition and work on the more prominent scratches?? I have attached pictures of her here........thank you all in advance for you input......

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  2. Gorgeous bag and great price! I'm sure Apple will take the scratches right out and I'm sure everyone else will echo that advice! :tup:
  3. where might I find this apple product?? Thanks!!
  4. Elephant Trunk and Burlington Coat Factory carry it in their stores.
  5. Can also order apple through, there's a coupon too for 20% off til Jan 31st. Let me see if I can find it.
  6. I got my apple condition from leather stuff and I love it! It seems to work a lot better on scratches than the Coach moisturizer.
  7. Congrats!! What a great deal!
  8. Great deal! Enjoy.

    The discount code for is "clearance" until Jan 31
  9. Wow that is so awesome great deal on that bag I love it. I am not sure of what to use to clean it I am new to coach leather products
  10. Great price! It looks to be in excellent condition...the vintage camel tends to scratch easily anyway.
  11. What a wonderful price! I really love the Apple...I use it on my 06 Legacy bag and on things like my (non-Coach) knee high boots, etc. I hope you enjoy it. :smile:
  12. Wooo!! 71 $ ! Congrats!
    Like everyone is saying, try Apple? I have yet to receive and try out my Apple products I ordered, but it's already won me over by the reviews I've read!