Great Ebay tio, no more 12 hour wait for your listing to appear!

  1. After all the frustration of waiting for my listings to show up for 12 hours or more I finally discovered how it can be avoided. Simply schedule your listing to start after 24 hours, this way your listings are actually prescreened. It works perfectly for me!

    Excuse my typo, I meant tip.
  2. Thanks for share, Westie :tup:

    I listed my shoes and it took 4-6 hours only to appear, I guess it's by holiday and not too many ppl list their items. After this holida, I def will use your tips :smile: Happy holiday.
  3. Just a note: eBay charges to schedule listings, and also, are you sure that it's "prescreened" and goes live quicker? That sounds like it makes too much sense for eBay to have thought of, though of course they are getting more money so maybe it's true.
  4. I do not think they get prescreened. They process scheduled listings in bulk along with who knows how many# other listings, so its a little different than going live one at a time.
  5. The items are prescreened, if you list a designer item that normally takes 12-24 hours to appear try it and it works. Normally if you list right away it will not show up in the general search, but if you schedule it out by a day or more it will.
    It does cost 10 cents, but I'd rather my listing be out there sooner than worry about that.
  6. Give it a whirl, it works for me every time!
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. LOL, Peppy, glad ya liked that! It does make a lot of sense--and does seem therefore unlikely :lol:
  9. It really does work; often I scheduled several days in advance, then just unscheduled them when I wanted to start the auction (thus even save the £0.06 per listing - they don't charge it when you unschedule) and the auctions popped up right away.
    Pity it doesn't work with Auctiva's scheduling though.
  10. Sounds good, friponne. I don't want to give Ebay any more money than I have to!
  11. I could be wrong but I thought that the delays in a listing being visible were based on the Category and Sale Prices... Sort of like some handbags can only be 5,7,10 day listings and others can be 1 or 3... :shrugs: