GREAT Ebay experience (w/ a tPF member of course!)...

  1. I just bought my first HH Inka bag from a great tPF member (adoptastray)!!!

    She mailed the bag very fast!

    Then she added insurance when I did NOT purchase it for myself!

    And to top it all off she even sent me a super sweet note and an extra tassel with the bag for free!

    I can't believe how nice adoptastray was!!!

    Thank you for restoring my faith in eBay (well some of it anyways! :p).

  2. It is so refreshing to hear about a great experience on eBay. Too often do we hear horror stories. Thanks for sharing!
  3. yay for a happy transaction!!
  4. that sounds so good, i hope i make my customers feel happy too....
  5. it's nice to hear the good experiences for a change! I rarely have any problems on eBay, but when I do, they are BIG lol
  6. yay!
  7. I wish all Ebay transactions were like this!
  8. Hurrah for both of you!
  9. Thanks wipursemama!

    I've been lucky--the vast majority of my experiences as a buyer have been great. And ebay has sooooo spoiled me for buying at retail. As a buyer on ebay, I wish for good pictures (so I can fully see condition, details), good description, safe packaging (no horrors of shipping a handbag in a Tyvek envelope) and reasonable shipping time. So that's what I do as a seller. :yes:

    In terms of keeping/restoring faith in ebay my advice is to buy from sellers who not only have good feedback but who put some care into their listings. I'm not talking about expecting fancy listings just avoid the ones where a seller sort of tosses the items up on ebay with a couple blurry pics and a few words. The times when I've had sketchy buying experiences were ones where the seller just kinda didn't bother. Whether the seller is high volume or small, the care and attention to listings is at least an indication of how the whole transaction may go.

    And it's not just ebay. A couple weeks ago, I bought a bag from a boutique posted in the steals and deals section of TPF. I noticed the website was poorly maintained but went ahead and ordered. Well, they sent me the wrong bag and it took me a month to get my money back! In another situation, I bought a popular brand bag that turned out to have serious quality issues. After I returned it, I noticed that the About Us page on the brand's website was one gigantic legal disclaimer. So you can get a sense sometimes about how good a shopping experience might be by how the seller or business presents themselves.

    Just my 2 cents worth! ;)
  10. ^^ Great post Adoptastray - anyone who has recently asked about becoming a good Ebay seller should read and inwardly digest!
  11. Yay!!
  12. :dothewave::party:

    Great news! and so nice of you to mention how great the seller is

    Sadly I now have a collection of three fake bags
    and american express in the UK, do not insure purchases of E bay so no charge back opiton
    but so good to hear your news
  13. I've had a similar positive experience with PF members on e-bay. In the last 6 months I've bought 3 Balenciaga City bags on e-bay all from PF members and the transactions have been great. Genuine items, great correspondance and speedy service. What I've found invaluable is the chat you're able to have with the seller before making a bid. This way you're able to determine very quickly that they really are genuine PF members and not individuals, sneaking in to wreak havoc. Thanks heavens for tPF and its really genuine members.
  14. So good to hear! Congrats on your new bag.
  15. :tup: It's always good to be reminded that they're not all bad!