Great ebay deal on IF Quilty Pleasure

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  1. ooo wow, that is a good deal, i suppose the quilty pleasures has cooled a bit in popularity with spring coming up. i'd jump on it if i didn't already have an audra in the same color
  2. :lol: Bjara, must eat, sleep and DREAM Quilty Pleasures!
  3. Boh, and that good deal has been snatched up by some lucky girl !
  4. Seems like it, doesn't it? LOL

    I just have an icon on my tool bar for BIN Isabella bags...everyonce in a while (daily, lol) I will click on it and see what's going on in the ebay IF world.

    I have mine...and I looooooove it!! :biggrin:

    Look for another post on the Tranquility Alley thread... :evil:
  5. I LOVE Isabella Fiore!
  6. I'm telling you...this is the best bag ever created! :P
  7. what's tranquility alley?
  8. is a store that I originally purchased an IF Quilty Pleasure Carina. :evil:

    I just updated my scenario with them on the thread with that title.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.