Great designer black flats?

  1. I was considering the Dior Gaucho Ballerinas until I started to worry about the key and coin jangling.

    Any suggestions for fun black flats to wear this season and onto next winter? :confused1:
  2. I really love my Tory Burch Reva flats. I have the navy and was thinking about getting black or brown. They are super comfortable and I get compliments on them all the time.

    I know a lot of people also like the lanvin flats, but they look a bit plain to me for $500.
  3. I really like the Chanel black flats. I think they look cute and wearable.
  4. Black suede Prada drivers:


    Prada*-* Suede Driver*-* Neiman Marcus
    They are even more amazing IRL; the picture does NOT do them justice. I wore them last night with black slacks and a sparkly sweater and it was perfect for a not-too-dressy comfy so I could stand and chit chat all evening!
  5. Hawaiilei: The best of the bunch, I worry about the gold piece bothering me but I love all the colors they come in.

    chanelbabe5: I agree... I saw some cute mocasssin type ones at the Chanel store at the Wynn 2 weeks ago, but I was hunting for a more ballerina flat. I wish I could find their shoe catalog on-line :/

    Carrie: those flats are adorable, but i was looking for an everyday kinda shoe. Thanks for the suggestion, I really should consider those for a comfortable night out. :biggrin:

    Pursegrrl: Love those shoes, but I was more on the hunt for a ballerina flat. Thanks for the suggestion, though!
  6. I bought the revas in black patent with black patent cross. A lot less blingy. I love them!
  7. I understand your reservations about the Tory Burch. I already have a plain black pair, so I like the gold. The leather is also unbelievably soft on the TB, but the elastic backing makes it a bit difficult to size. Definitely get your normal size, if not one size smaller. I think they also have some styles with a leather medallion which is a little more understated.

    I also have a pair of Delmans that are quite nice. I would look at them as well. There is a plain pair at Bergdorf Goodman if you are in Manhattan.

    I also have a pair of Jeffrey Campbell love flats, but didn't mention them because you specifically asked for a designer pair.

    I would also check out Marc by Marc Jacobs, although I can't think of any styles off the top of my head.
  8. I wouldn't have considered patent, but now I'm calling up stores to order the navy ones. :love: Thanks for the help! :heart:
  9. Just so you know, all of the new navy reva ballet flats come with a silver medallion. It is impossible to find the one with the gold medallion. If you strike out with Tory Burch, call plaza too. I ordered mine there and they were quite nice. They are probably out of stock online.
  10. Anthropologie -

    i have these in black, they're by french sole. very comfy, and they specialize in ballet flats. the black leather has a slight shimmer to it, it's beautiful.
  11. Although they're not literally flat, I like the Ferragamo Vara shoes. Also the Chanel ballet flats.
  12. I bought Chanel and Dior black ballerinas in Paris from their cruise collections that I ADORE.The chanels will last forever out of all my shoes so I dont even hesitate buying them anymore.
  13. Lanvin Lanvin Lanvin!!!!

    Oh and did i mention Lanvin :smile:
  14. I love the Lanvin flats. The Louboutin flats are fierce (but can be hard to find)