GREAT deals on Sienna on Diabro!!!

  1. the sienna city and twiggy are at great prices on Diabro

    City: 954.78
    twiggy: 867.83

    I'm gona get one but just trying to decide on which style!

    what do you all think?
  2. Go for the Sienna City!!! :love:
  3. wow-those are really great deals! wish i didn't spend so much money already, otherwise i'd definitely buy one
    what's in your current collection already?
  4. City!!
  5. since the prices are so close I say get whichever style you love best :flowers:
  6. Another vote for City
  7. That depends on which style you like better.

    I personally like square, more structured style of the City, so I'd definitely say the City. But if you like unstructured, seamed bags like Twiggy, go with Twiggy.

    Whichever you like!
  8. Any takers for the DAY Tabac???
  9. i had no idea diabro has such awesome prices on new bags!
  10. it's because they price the bags according to color, not according to season... I find it very strange, but that's what they do! The white bags are usually the cheapest.

    addicted ali, did you make a decision yet? those are both great deals :tup: I'm excited for you!
  11. Why does it say this city has silver hardware? It's not SGH?
  12. I can't pull up any bags on the Diabro site, only wallets and clothing. Anybody else having that problem?:confused1:
  13. Make sure you click on "ladies". You're probably in the Men's section...that's what I did at first too.
  14. Wow, don't I feel smart!:smash:

    Thanks, Erica1451!
  15. I've been looking at the Day, Twiggy and City and am still trying to decide which one to get!!! :nuts: The thing is I don't want to overextend myself with purchases because I'm listed for a Violine Step. MUST HAVE SELF CONTROL...:cursing: