Great deals on D&B {eBay or store. . . .}

  1. Please post any great finds on D&B items in this thread:yes:
  2. ty ;)
  3. :cutesy:
  4. delicious! if i wasn't broke those BOTH would be at home with me.
  5. I just visited the San Marcos outlets in Texas and there's a great D&B outlet store there. Each month they put a new line on an extra discount and this month it's the Alto line and their Doodle line. Each item from those 2 lines are an additional 30% off the outlet price.

    Some GREAT finds there! :nuts:
  6. wcofer that is such a cute bag. I love pink.
  7. I saw like a basket full of heart mini barrel bags in white at the premium outlets in orlando... i think it was around..50-70 bucks... i can't remember, and some irregular madras rolling trunks.. two to be exact. i don't know the prices of those...