Great Deals @ Nordstroms....

  1. Paddy Hobo on sale for $595

    Chloe satchel in Ecru also on sale for $653 from $1600( satchel not in picture!)

    ASK FOR MARY( both bags on hold under Ali..)

  2. [​IMG]

    IS this what the satchel looks like?
  3. ^ If that's it, that is GORGEOUS. I'm not even big on Chloe bags but that one is so cute.

    Great deals!
  4. No its not a paddington. Not sure which chloe line it's from but she says it's an 07.
  5. Mary said it's just called a "satchel" not a Paddy.

  6. I sure am curious to know what this bag looks like. I can't seem to locate any pics online unless I seen it it and didn't know that was it.
  7. Thank you for the information, Ali! I spoke to Mary. She is so sweet! I am curious about the satchel too!


  8. I fear that by the time I see a pic I will like the bag and it will be gone:push:!
  9. You can always by then return if you don't like it.
  10. Is the color of the paddy the same as the one in the pic?

  11. It's blue!
  12. i talked to her too. i believe the satchel is a maggie.
  13. thank you for posting!! that is sweeeeeet~:tup:
  14. That would make sense:yes: now that you say that it does sound like a maggie:idea:!
  15. thanks for posting.