great deals,,,is it too good to be true??

  1. is this website too good to be true??

    they have a bunch of sales on stuff right now but i have never heard of it, usually that means its not a good site but i wanted to check with you ladies

    Finest Designers- Designer Handbags and Sunglasses

    let me know if you know!! thanks!
  2. looks like a starter site... very blurry !!! i wont take a risk.... u shoulnt either
  3. thanks wishy i wont!!! whew glad i didnt jump on the deals :smile:
  4. generally any online retail site that claims to sell louis vuitton is a red flag to me, since new LV can't be sold outside of boutique/elux.
  5. FWIW I use the website "reseller ratings" and put in the store and see what feedback they have. People are usually pretty honest.
  6. Although the prices are very good, I would wait. LV isn't a brand that any retailer would normally carry.
  7. thanks ladies!! i had no idea new LV couldnt be sold anywhere else

    and thanks shappy for the site rec. im gonna check that out too!!
  8. The bags are clearly fakes. The Chloé Paddingtons have very shiny hardware.
  9. o i dont know anything about chloe bags so i didnt know that, good to know! thanks eucalyptic!