Great Deals In Atlanta!!!!

  1. You guys should definitely pay a visit to the Boutique Bargains Sale in Atlanta!
    They had an awesome collection of handbags, shoes, and clothes. I saw some gorgeous Jimmy Choo shoes, Prada shoes, Miu Miu shoes. I snagged a gorgeous cream leather $1300 Jimmy Choo purse for 75% off! I saw a black BE&D bag marked down from $2300 to $500. There were some Kooba bags and Botkier bags as well. There might not be much left tomorrow, but it is still worth a try. Some of the Jimmy Choo shoes were marked down to $100.
  2. Oh how I wish I was in Atlanta :sad:
  3. What a deal! Post pics of your new JC bag!
  4. Here are some pictures of my bag. IMG_3718.jpg


  5. when did you go today, was there a lot of stuff left or was most of it gone? i'm trying to see if its worth the drive. Were there a lot of jeans?
  6. I went once at 10am, that is when I got the JC bag. Then I went again later in the afternoon around 1pm and they still had a few bags and shoes. There were a ton of jeans left at that time. I don't know how much they sold between then and 6. There is a number in the link I gave earlier, you might want to try calling them and seeing if they can help you or calling some of the boutiques listed.
  7. I love to hear about deals in the ATL... I'll be heading over there soon. The website is pretty rudimentary and only has some basic information. I haven't been able to get anyone on the phone either.... must be busy :wtf:
  8. thanks for the reply, i went today and most of the stuff was gone, no choos left or bags : ( next year i am going to be at the door when it opens.. so jealous of your bag