Great Deals at TJ...

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  1. If you ladies have the patience, dedicate an hour or so of your time to TJ Maxx. I have found some true treasures here (of course after fervently rummaging through rack after rack of clothes). :wacko:
    Personally, I find this the most enjoyable part of shopping because the end result is so satisfying. Here are my latest purchases at TJ:

    Cynthia Steffe top - $12.00
    Kenneth Cole top- $7.00
    Dooney & Bourke bag- $50.00

    Gotta love the place!:biggrin:
  2. They also have some clearance TUMI bags at my TJ for like 50 bucks.
  3. i am a serious lover of TJ bargain hunting

    my latest finds include:

    cynthia steffe skirt for $12
    max studio dress for $20
    ya-ya skirt for $10
    and tons and tons of miscellenious purchases.........i go 1-2 times a week to check out the new merchandise.....

    michelle.....which TJ Maxx do u go to?
  4. JC- I go to several. My favorite is in Garden City, Long Island. I also frequent the one in Manhattan (Ave of the Americas).

    Which do you go to?

    Ever go to Marshalls? I find stuff from time to time there but I tend to do better at TJ.
  5. i prefer TJ Maxx to marshalls always seems to have a lot more merchandise, but not as great a selection of things i'd actually want.....i'm gonna have to check this one on avenue of the americas out.......

    i go to the one in edgewater, NJ most of the time just because it's near me but there's another one in jersey that has much better deals (can't remember where it is at the moment)......i feel like ur likely to find a better price on more desinger merchandise at the less-frequented locations
  6. I love TJ Max!! It's like treasure hunting in that store. I also like Nordstrom Rack too.
  7. I've been to the one near me in hopes of finding cheap treasures, but all that's at mine is complete and total crap. We're talking like 6 season old Tommy Hilfiger.

    I've had good luck at Loehmann's, though!
  8. Mine is not great too... It's so weird, cuz I've heard about some w/ fantastic selection too. Maybe the different stores vary widely in their merchandise?
  9. I found a Dooney & Bourke Marchesa leather large satchel at TJ Maxx for $90. Regular retail on that bag was $398. I sold it on Ebay for $180.
  10. The TJ Maxx here sucks, too. Though my co-worker told me she found Seven Jeans at the local Ross for $25 (!!!!). I have yet to go and dig through the racks.
  11. Our Marshalls (Great Mall in Bay Area) always get the best selection of mechandise since it's one of biggest in the area. However, because it's really popular, they sold out on good stuff almost as soon as the merchandise go out of the stock room. They get shipment 4x a week and everything goes out same day they come in. You really have to have good timing to find the good stuff. :smile: BTW, just saw a Sigerson Morrison (sp?) sandals for $25!
  12. I found a beautiful ivory leather Coach at Marshall's yesterday. It was $199 but I passed.
    I like TJ Maxx better...the one here doesn't seem to get new bags very often, right now the best they have is the ugly purple D&B and a couple of gold Michael Kors bags. TJ Maxx also has really nice jewelry, too.

  13. I usually go to that TJ MAXX also. I also go to the one in College Point,Queens. I love Loehmanns! its the best
  14. Love loehmanns!, they always have some kind of sale going on. :biggrin:
  15. I never find anything at Loehmann's that fits me. They only seem to have the weirdest stuff in petite sizes. I've often seen MaxxNY and Monsac bags at TJ Maxx, at pretty good prices.