Great deals and finds

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  1. Other forums have it but the Beauty section doesn't so thought this might warrant a new thread. I don't know about you but I'm always on the look out for good deals :smile:

    For those who are fond of Opi nail polishes, here's where you can get them cheap.

    I don't use nail polishes and my sister found this site. Thought I'd share since I notice many of you use Opi.
  2. Wow thank you very much for the link. I have been searching for a place where I can get them for cheaper prices.

    Love the thread, and I think its a great idea.
  3. I can't find whether or not they ship to the UK. Doesn't seem like it does it. :sad:
  4. great idea!!!!! I don't have any deals right now but can this get stickied?
  5. Thanks for the link! For those of you that don't want to buy online, Ulta is having a buy one get one half off on all OPI nail polish.
  6. Angelah!! Thank you! I love OPI and it's so hard to find here.
  7. wow, i wonder how they sell so cheap!? thanks for the link!
  8. I just saw this in my e-mail from

    FREE Standard Shipping plus Modern Friction Nature's gentle dermabrasion sample with any order through 3/30/08!* (while supplies last)

    Enter Offer Code 030811** at checkout
  9. Thanks for the UD and Origins leads. :tup:
  10. this thread is an excellent idea. great site for perfume someone on here recommended it when I was looking for my HTF fragrance..
  11. Lipfusion 2-pack I don't know if it is a glitch or the offer price a typo.
    Description reads ".. a $76 value, for just $52" but listed price is $38.
  12. If you go to Sephora's site, they don't have a clearance/sale section, but if you type "sale" in the search box, a bunch of discounted items will come up :yes:
  13. WOW great stuff...TFS