GREAT DEAL...shearling chanel classic flap for $797.90?

  1. my SA at Saks found one in the stock room, it must've gotten missed somehow being in the stock room, looks like the one in the link...let me know if you want my SA's contact, she's awsome, if you get it on the EGC event, you could even get a gift card. the leather part is bordeaux, and the trim is creamy white. she says it's real cute irl.
  2. so cute!
  3. btw, the reg retail is/was $ lucky tpf'er is gonna get it :smile:
  4. Thank you takeoutbox. Diane will ring it up for me on next EGC event!
  5. congrats! i saw another one popping up on eBay for more than what you will be getting it for....awsome buy, gotta show me pics :smile: