Great Deal Report


Jul 25, 2007
Hey everyone!

Last Tuesday (before I went to Colorado for work), I spotted a Burnt Orange Ergo Framed Pleated Satchel from the Premium outlet in Aurora, IL for 40% off!! I could NOT believe my eyes! :wtf::faint:

I didn't get paid until Friday, but the SA's were sooooo nice:tup: they offer to do a 48 hour hold and offer to take my credit card info on Thursday and run it Friday when they open since I was out of the time zone lol.

My price with taxes was $285. :wlae:I picked up the bag Saturday(too tired to go out there Friday after flying in). I took a look around (boy was it crowded!!) and I didn't see any more framed pleated Ergos in there. I don't know if the outlets are going to get more of them or if it was a customer return. But that truly made my day....I guess it was meant for me to have that bag. I bought the Rose version on the last do I need a bag ban :P