Great deal or too good to be true?

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  1. fake!
  2. So Fake
  3. How can you tell? I'm not doubting you I'm just it because the prices are just too ridiculous?
  4. Yes, the prices are too silly, plus the leather is too plasticky looking, the hardware is off, and one of the bags is in a color that Bal never made (lime green metallic) :yucky:
  5. Those are super fakes. First, the price is way too good to be true. There is no way you will ever get an 100% Authentic bal for like $190??!!! That's ridiculous. Even real bals thats been through hell and back don't sell for that cheap unless they are ripped apart. Plus you can tell by the descriptions and color. They don't give you any information on the year, color and style and some of the colors look strange just look closely at the bag especially the hardware and stuff. On one of them it looks like a dark gray?! It should be brass. You can't really find real Bals for super cheap. I've never bought from ebay but I know some other tpfers have so you can try there or a consignment store for bals that are a little bit cheaper than reg. retail price. Good luck!!
  6. dont buy from anywhere that is selling them for 30-75% off..the chances are there fake right off the bat..
  7. Another thing to remember is that even if the "pictures" of the Bal bags look totally authentic, that doesn't mean that is the bag they are going to send you!!! Verrrry important to remember that fact. There is no way to get an authentic bag for dirt cheap prices.
  8. Ugh, they look awful! Apart from price, description and look (ugh ugh ugh) Bal bags also don't have cell phone pockets.

    Item Description:

    Soft leather is expertly shaped by Balenciaga, with a front zipper pocket and metal hardware. Slender tassels on zipper closures. Interior features zipper pocket and cell phone slot
  9. To learn about fakes, visit:

    And yes, prices are ridiculous. If we could get Bbags for that low, why would we bother spending so much at places like BalNY or AR?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.