Great deal on Tomato Red Blake

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  1. Went to Off 5th at Franklin Mills Mall today and got a Tomato Red Blake. I'm normally a Chanel or LV girl, but I just love red bags. And the best part was that it was 20% off and then I applied for a Saks card and got another 10% off. After all that, it was only $408 including tax. Whoo hoo! For anyone that's in the area, they still had a couple more if you want to call.
  2. ^ Congrats! =)
    Thank for you for sharing. =)
  3. That's quite a nice score! Love the blake, it's an awesome bag. Enjoy!
  4. Wow!! That's awesome. I love good deals!! Congratulations!! If you can, I would love to see pics of it.
  5. What a great deal!!:nuts:
    I love the Blake style and it looks so good in red!:heart:
    I'd love to see pics of it
  6. :yahoo: Congrats!! I'd LOVE to see a pic too.....!!! :heart: Emmy
  7. That's a great deal! Enjoy it!
  8. I love red bags. Please post a pic. TIA.
  9. Sorry for the picture quality, but I'm on a business trip and the only camera I have is my camera phone.

    You get the idea though - it's even better in real life. I'm in love with it!
    mj blake.jpg
  10. Congrats! You got a good deal on it!
  11. It's beautiful!! :love: Thank you for the picture!! Congrats again!:flowers:
  12. It's adorable! What a great buy!
  13. The red color is TDF. Very rich looking! I'm so tempted to buy one, but I've bought four bags over the past four months. I would like a red bag though...hmmmm. Where is the Franklin Mills? I have a 30% off coupon I could use.
  14. ^Franklin Mills is 1 hour north of Philly I believe.... that would be a great deal!
  15. Congrats! And what score!
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