Great Deal on Snake Clutch

  1. I just bought the cutest snake clutch. It's from HandMaid and it's normally $230. I got it for -- get this -- $69! I used the code from Grechen's Closet, which is grespc2! Anyway, the black is sold out but they had purple and off-white. I went with purple because it's in this year and $69 is a great deal for a bit of wardrobe "punch." Here it is:


    Oh, by the way, if you order one just know that the discount doesn't show up when you enter the code, but it shows up on your checkout page. I thought it wasn't working at first.
  2. Congrats, it's lovely!
  3. I love it!!!! :drool: So sexy!
  4. Congratulations!! very nice and sooo cheap....
  5. great deal!
  6. I really like the golden snake motif . . . very dramatic. I have a vintage Whiting and Davis snake necklace and bracelet that I love.