Great deal on Reporter cambon

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  1. I guess I'm too picky, those stains would nag me so bad I couldn't carry it! LOL!
  2. Same as Swanky, knowing those stains are there would kill me!
  3. I think you are right..
    It will bug me too [​IMG]
  4. Ug, those are some scary "discolorations" as the seller calls it. However it's a priced accordingly I believe. Someone out there may buy it and have it redyed.
  5. how does redying work? i have the beige/black and i'm scared to use it because i dont want to get anything on it.
  6. I took a pink/black cambon bag to Chanel with faded spots all over the top. They redyed it for me (my sa didnt even charge me for it). It did take 3 months, but it was WORTH it. It looked NEW.
  7. A lady I met in LV had her Cambon fixed and she said it came out like new. So I highly recommend letting Chanel take care of any problems you have with your bag.
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