Great deal on peach graffiti pochette

  1. Looks real to me..but I dont see a return policy on the listing? Feedback is all positive and it seems that they sold authentic items before. It would be a steal at this price!
  2. I personally think it's real, it's a steal. She doesn't mind to let it go for $300..I think it's the cheapest one ever especially it's still in great condition.
  3. Yeah..too bad I missed out on the one I was offered for $250.
    Anyway, while it looks real, I don't know WHY I get the feeling I've seen those pictures before. I did a lot of research on the sellers and looked at absolutely every auction for that particular bag and I could swear I've seen those exact pictures before, minus the watermarking.
  4. The pictures look real to me. Great price too.
  5. wow, what a great deal (if it's real)! thanks for sharing, bagsnbags!
  6. arg...I must remain strong,..,.the cerises is my next one...I must remain strong!
  7. Wow..I hope this is for real...
  8. haha my gf text msged me about this bag while I was having dinner today. She was freaking out. lolol
  9. :nuts: Somebody buy it or I will!
  10. Go get it Irene..PFers should get it..
  11. someone should buy it!
  12. The one in the pictures is definitely don't worry about that, as it's exactly comparable to mine.
    I was just concerned by the fact that I've seen these exact pictures somewhere before, used by a user who wasn't in Indonesia.

    But if everything checks out, that's a good deal..I paid $450 ($425 plus $25 to ship) for mine.
  13. ^ That worries me..
  14. lvbabydoll is right the deal is maybe too good to be true but who knows.