Great Deal on Original Scuola!

  1. OMG that's cheaper than what I paid for my bella!! :shocked: too bad I have no money now :lol: and I already have a paradiso scuola... but geez whoever gets that is LUUUUCCKKKYYY
  2. Is it real?

  3. Cheaper than my bambino LOL. I wish I had money :sad:
  4. Sure looks real to me!
  5. DO you guys think I should buy it ?
    I dont go to school anymore tho but I dont have aything in original print.
  6. Oh no.. It was sold while I was looking at it.. oh well..I dont think I need it anyway.
  7. Oh, man someone got it. If they don't want it tell me.

  8. lolz julicrystal, i guess it wasnt mean to be huh? tellin you not to buy something you dont need lmfao.
  9. It said the lining was yellow. Isn't the lining supposed to be green?
  10. hmmmmmm the lining IS green on originals...
  11. Maybe that's a good thing we did not get it. I was a little worried when they did not have a picture of the qee and the inside of the bag.
  12. looked real to me? Man what a deal!
  13. whoa thats cheap!!
  14. Yeah, from the outside it looked real...but the qee and YELLOW lining? Hmm.