Great deal on Lowrey tote in UK

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  1. I am so excited. :yahoo:My new large ruched Lowrey tote arrived today from UK. The bag is not on sale yet in the US and with the exchange rate I was able to get it for almost 60% off including shipping, duties and credit card fees. There are still some great bags left on the UK site. Unfortunately you can't order directly on line and ship to the US you need to call or send email for the mail order group to contact you and place the order. It was a bit of a hastle but well worth it!!!

  2. WOW, congrats!!
  3. wow! awesome!
    i luv that one. what's the mailing rate and custom duty for your lowry?
  4. I am pretty sure that the mailing rate was 50 pounds and the duty was around 10%. There was also a 3% credit card conversion fee. All in the bag was around $1150....
  5. green eggs I have been wanting this bag so bad, they are still showing the small lowry in trench, but not the large. I emailed them to check on availability, what a great find, its double that here. Wonder why they offer different bags on the UK and US websites. Please take pics when it arrives.
  6. congratulations! That's an incredible discount. Please post pics when it arrives.:smile:
  7. green eggs, can you give the measurements of your bag. The two Lowry's I looked at in centimeters and did conversion from UK website, just don't look as big as the one on the NM site, which you show in your pic. The NM one looks huge. In fact I ordered it to see how it looks IRL, to try to be sure I want to order the one from Burberry, wouldn't want to have to return it at that shipping price. Also the larger bag on UK Burberry is $2395, the large bag at Neimans is $2595.
  8. Mine is the huge one. I can post measurements when I get home. Try emailing them to see if they still have in stock....It was still showing up after I received mine and then several days later the picture was gone....When I called the Burberry store in the US to see if they would match price they said no. They also said that UK usually stocks items 3-6 months before the US. She thought the bag may go on sale in the US in June.
  9. Congratulations, green_eggs.
  10. I emailed them twice over the weekend, no reply and called on Saturday(expensive) and they were off. Not sure what else to do to get hold of them. Will try more emails today. Do you have the item number for the one you ordered since its no longer on the web page.
  11. Just sent you PM with email address and style number. Good luck!
  12. Green eggs, Chris ifound the bag and is holding it for me and I did get the one from Neiman's. Its darker than the pictures (was hoping it was a bit lighter to use through summer), but I really like the bag and am 99% certain its a keeper. I'm going to load my things in it and see how they affect the shape, try out the messenger strap, which is a great feature. Its big, but not offensively big. Chris has been so nice and patient, its been worth the couple of overseas calls. How are you liking yours, are you happy? Thanks again for everything..wouldn't know what I'd do with the PF ladies...maybe actually put some money in the bank..but this is so much more fun. ReRe
  13. Not sure how this happened, but when I spoke to Chris in London this am, he said the bag's price went down...I again confirmed it was the big Lowry, and he said the total price was only $683.95... I am deliriously happy and shocked that they would lower the price again. Can't wait to get it, will post pics.
  14. ReRe: that price is even lower than the small one on Does it mean price in store is lower than on website? I really need to check Burberry stores in London then :smile:
  15. I ordered mine through customer service on UK website, not the store. I sure hope the right bag will be a mystery until then.