Great Deal on Kooba Paige @ Saks

  1. What a great deal on Kooba Paige @ Saks...$270.54, in black. Love the bag but too large for me. Free ship code..? FSNOV6...?
  2. Plus...a 10% off code of WELEML0607...?
  3. I actually can't find it. Maybe someone snatched already then. but that was a great deal. thanks for the info!
  4. There is still one up for is the item# 0411851405935. Good luck!
  5. Thanks for the info! I just purchased it!
  6. Wonderful! Congratulations on your new Paige! I'm glad that someone from TPF was lucky!
  7. Very good deal (for Saks) Congrats!!!!!
  8. did that just pop up out of nowhere? It's weird -you seriously have to go to their site a gazillion times a day "just in case" LOL

  9. Ciatta-Thanks so much, I can't wait to get it! I love the size & style of the Paige & i was in the market for a new black bag!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  10. Yay! Got one too! What a deal :smile:
  11. You're very welcome! I love Kooba, have 3 of them and was also in the market for a new black Kooba bag, but for a smaller one than the Paige. Great deal for you gals!
  12. Why do I always miss out on these sales! I love the Kooba Paige. :sad:
  13. I have the Kooba Paige in a purple color. It is so functional with all those pockets! congrats on everyone's new bag! That is a fabulous deal. I think they retailed at over $600 right?
  14. you should save the link and click on it a few times a day - sometimes they add one or two :yes:
  15. That's a great deal on a fab bag. I tried it on IRL and loved the look and feel of it.

    If I wasn't saving for a special bag right now, I would have been all over this.