GREAT deal on CL on saks website

  1. These are only $322 with free shipping!! Hurry before they're gone. I hear they run very small so be careful!
  2. wheres the link???
  3. Ooops. Sorry. I meant well! Thanks for the save gingerfarm.
  4. darn, no longer available :sad:
  5. wow, that didn't last long. they had every size available today. glad i grabbed a pair early!
  6. tnx for the link, i was able to order my size yesterday..YAY!!!!
  7. oh, heartbroken - they are gone!
  8. ^^^I saw many of those (but in black leather) at the Galleria (houston). Give them a call if you're interested!
  9. And I saw them in brown leather (light) at the Saks in NYC. I got a 39 but I saw a number of 38s. Granted, this was last week so who knows what happened over the weekend. Still might be worth popping over or giving them a call...