Great deal on Botkier

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  1. love it!
  2. Bless you, Baby K. I tried ordering another one online-I am prepared for the worst-since every other bag I've ordered of late has been cancelled! I appreciate your letting us know about this!:yes:
  3. I love you BabyK =P
  4. wow. that is one beautiful bag. I am quite tempted. :graucho:
  5. Gone! I hope that someone from here got it!
  6. Dang it! Someone got lucky. That is one gorgeous bag and I would have loved to have it at that price.
  7. I'm crossing my fingers for you!
  8. I received a confirmation number-but you know how that goes!:yes:
  9. Here's hoping...
  10. I got mine from AE in Rust...but I paid 326 I believe. What an awesome bag. I love mine.

  11. I actually have this in Oxblood and paid about the same as you Lexie, from Shopbop. I have yet to carry it. Lexie, do you have to really fill up the bag for it to get that shape?
  12. To tell you the truth...yes. To get that nice full rounded look. But the bag doesn't look bad less full. Just not as "stuffed".
  13. Lexie - Love your new purse avatar! It's gorgeous! :yes:
  14. OK, I posted on the other thread about the last online fiasco-but the same thing happened with the Botkier bag. I received 3 emails confirming the sale-it went to my CC-then I got another email late this afternoon saying that they were out of stock. Keep in mind that the most recent email had stated that my order had been processed. Another online retailer (Active Endeavors) loses my business-I'll add them to Bleu Clothing.:cursing: