Great Deal on a Kooba at RevolveClothing

  1. I snagged a great bag at Revolveclothing. The Kooba Maria (smaller sister of a Carla) retails for 485. It was on sale for 444. They offered free shipping AND 30% off on 1st time buyers. I didn't know this until I placed the order on the phone. I got this bag for 310 total. It is such a nice bag. Over the shoulder and not super huge. About a Scarlett size. I got it in Terraine and love the distressed leather.
  2. What a great deal. Congrats. I am going to see if I can find a bag at RevolveClothing. 30% is a huge discount. Thanks :yes:
  3. Your new bag is so hot. Enjoy!!
  4. Congrats! I love Revolve Clothing. Their customer service is excellent, too.
  5. I ordered it on a Thursday and got it Saturday! Isn't it darling? And this is an oversized chair so it isn't as small as it appears. I'm really enamored by it.
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    LOL, I just realized after I posted the pic that my Poodle Gucci is behind the chair.
  6. I love the rich color and the braided straps!