Great Deal! "Authentic" Vuitton mink speedy....$300!

  1. lv fake mink.jpg lv fake mink 2.jpg
  2. wow, I love it!!
    haha yeaa right! that thing is scary:sick:
  3. Interesting...I think my neighbor's cat coughed that up just the other day.:huh:
  4. Thhe circle pastic tag!!! LOLOLOL!
  5. Wow ! Scary looking !
  6. It looks someone made a fake Speedy out of shag carpeting. :lol:
  7. That's horrible!
  8. Wow, who could possibly resist the charms of this fab bag, especially since it's "exlusive" !! (spelling errors really peeve me, especially on fake auctions ! As a seller of fakes, you should be trying twice as hard, and is it really so hard to run it through Word !? apparently !!)
  9. horrble.
  10. :lol: :lol: :lol: I was thinking something in the terms of stuffed squirrel or roadkill myself.
  11. OMG reminds me of a my brothers pet tarantula...eeecchh
  12. It looks like dog with fleas.
  13. :lol: just fell on my "booty" :lol:
  14. Ugh... it's so horrible. The real ones are quite beautiful though.
  15. Ugh, that is horrid! And if it's so rare how does she have "8 available"? Pathetic.
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