Great deal at Macy's

  1. I had some time to kill before a doctor appointment today so I went into the Macy's at Laurel Lakes Mall. OMG- they had some Coach at half off!!!!! I bought a chocolate sig Ergo hobo for $134. :yahoo: They also had a sig gallery tote for $134 and a small purple patchwork tote for $200. Great deal for me!! I have been wanting something in the chocolate for a long time. I'm so happy!
  2. Congrats!!
    Wow, makes me wanna check out that Macy's and pick up the Gallery Tote!
  3. great deal, congrats! :tup:
  4. They don't have a lot of Coach at that Macy's- just one case. There is a ton of Dooney and Burke. They had some small Bleecker flaps but they were full price. The gallery tote is the khaki and brown. The patchwork tote was older- maybe 2 seasons ago?

  5. I checked our Macy's and they didn't have very many deals. Just 25% off the Holiday patchwork.

    Awesome finds!!!
  6. our Macys also has some nice deals going on right now. bonus: it just means they are clearing stuff out to make room for new Coach!!!
  7. pics pics pics :woohoo:
  8. Great deals!!!! Congratulations!
  9. I've never posted a picture before. I may need some help doing that- I'm technically challenged!

  10. Congrats, the Macy's in the Queens mall here had a chocolate sig ergo as well for the same price, but i stuck to my ban, I am regreting it, but oh well :biggrin: It was 50% off correct? They said they could not put up the 50% sign for some reason though.
  11. The macy's in century city mall had a TON of coach listsed at 40% off. Everything from writlets to totes to hobo's... I don't remember specific styles, but there was a lot of the basic/classic type and seasonal ones!
  12. Wow, that's exciting! We drove by Macy's two days ago but DH & kids were along so I didn't say anything. I soooo wanted to stop.
  13. Yes, it was half off at $134. It's the medium ergo hobo with the retail of $268. There were no signs on the counter- I had to look and see the mark down red sticker on the price tag.

  14. Excellent deal. Congrats.
  15. Wow what great deals!!! Congrats